Thinking about how to change your space to support you? Sometimes we just need a little help to get us to that “ahhh, home” feeling. If you want your space to reflect you and aren’t sure where to start,

Feng Shui Stylist Appointmentrocks in bowl no line

For someone interested in redesigning their space using Feng Shui principles

  • Choose one room or several
  • Arrange what you have in a better format
  • Assist you in shopping for new items (furniture, curtains, rugs, accessories)
  • Help you choose paint colors for rooms
  • Follow Feng Shui principles in set-up
  • Timing varies

Start by selecting some photos (interior spaces as well as “inspiration” photos of outdoors, artwork, etc.) that appeal to you. Then call me to set up a time to look over those photos, walk around your room and start getting suggestions on making the flow work for you!

Traditional Feng Shui Appointmentgreen-leaves-wallpaper

For someone interested in Feng Shui information for their entire space

  • Talk about goals and issues
  • Go through space and discuss changes/suggestions/adjustments
  • 2 hours, plus 30 minute phone follow up

How to prepare for your consultation:

  • Locate a blueprint or prepare a scaled drawing of the main floor of your home or business
  • For long distance appointments, take photos of the main floor or areas of your home or business
  • Think about what changes have you seen since you’ve lived in your space
  • Think about what issues have crept up in your life lately
  • Think about what changes you want to see in your life

Appointments Available

  • Homes in the Minneapolis area
  • Businesses in the Minneapolis area
  • Long-distance appointments