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Yes, you CAN Feng Shui for your animals! Animals are good Feng Shui in general – they bring a life force to your home. It’s great to have some “living” energy supporting your house. Animals are considered a fire energy because they usually bring activity to your house. Some more than others.

This little princess for example:

Is not so little anymore!

(If you can’t tell – looks are deceiving – she is 60 lbs, give or take…)

And she has brought lots of energy to each space she’s been in. She has some changes in the last couple of years – new house, new “brother.” In trying to support her, one thing I looked at was her Ming Gua number. I realized her kennel (aka bed) is not facing a great direction for her. She likes to go in there to relax.

I figured out she needed some of the water element, so did a quick update – changing her beige rug

to a black one (black is a water color).

And voila! Okay, not a dramatic difference for sure. But a difference just the same.

What about you and your animals? Feng Shui’d for them lately?

P.S. If you are interested in figuring out your Ming Gua #, there are lots of resources via the web. Or you can contact me, too!