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The top of our TV armoire has been going through some changes in the past year. It sits in the corner of the room, most people don’t really notice it. Which is what I want. When people are over the doors are closed and it’s out of visual range. When we first moved in here I had placed several items on top – a large bowl on a stand, some vases and a clock.

That photo was taken pre-curtain change out.

Then a while ago I decided I wanted to pair it down. So I removed half of the items up there and placed them differently. Basically I sat on the couch and made sure it made visual sense with what else was going on.

But recently I felt like I wanted to add some “oomph” to that area. I thought adding artwork to the wall behind it would be just the right thing. Now, in Feng Shui, this is also the career area of our house. So, there was a double meaning to what I was doing. I would be clearing off the top of the armoire – opening up our vision (horizontal surfaces represent vision in Feng Shui) and also adding the water (the element for that area) to the space. In addition to adding some “oomph” overall.

I selected two pictures that had water and were sentimental. One was a photo that a friend had taken at our wedding. We had our reception in the St. Anthony area by the river. A friend had taken a photo of the bridge and water and later noticed that the sand in the bottom right corner was shaped like a heart. How cool is that?

The second photo was one I had taken at my Sister’s wedding of another river, coincidentally. I chose it because it looked good with the other one, I had taken it and it had active water.

After those were up I removed everything off the top except for the clock. I am loving this new “arrangement.”

It’s amazing what a little change can you for your perspective. It’s a whole new experience sitting on the couch. And has made dusting easier, too 🙂

I like that bowl so much I ended up adding it as the centerpiece for the dining table. The other items are downstairs in my collection.

Sometimes I get overwhelmed with what I want to do with the house. But then I know I have to give myself time. We haven’t lived here all that long – and having a toddler changes your speed. Little tweaks here and there really keep me motivated. And inspired…of course!

Have you done any tweaks lately?