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I promised you info on what I do to energetically clear furniture from a Feng Shui perspective. And I don’t disappoint. Or at least I try not to!

The reason we do this is because everything in Feng Shui holds energy. This is called predecessor energy. So when you get something used from someone, the energy they had around it comes with it. It can be okay – some people are just moving on from the item (ex: I did love my slate table, but now I’m “over it”). Or it can be not great – some people are irritated with an item and want it gone. Or it can be kinda bad – some people have to part with an item they love (usually financial reasons). Since I usually don’t know the reasons someone has parted with something, I clear it to be safe.

For the table mentioned in the earlier post, I started by cleaning it with soap and water. Just getting the dirt and dust off of it. Then, I used my Ting Shaws (small cymbals that are connected with a strap) all over and around it, while giving the intention to clear the table of all negative energies.

My Ting Shaws came from Tibet. When I was actually there. I bought them during a trip to China, where we made a stop in Tibet. Cool, no?

After that, I sanded, painted (the spray paint was primer and paint in one) and applied some polyurethane to the table to protect it. I found all the info online via a few blogs on how to do this. Right before I brought it into the house, I did a little blessing on the table.

Voila! Now is sits proudly in my living room. I didn’t mention this before. But she (yes, the table is female, I mean – look at those legs!) also has a “friend” downstairs that will be making an appearance sometime…probably early next year. I mean, let’s be real, the holidays are coming up! Where has the time gone?