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I remember being in junior high (?) when I heard my aunt Geri refer to “Harriet.” The context was such that I asked her “who” that was. She told me that it was her car – Harriet the Honda. She always named her cars. I thought that was pretty cool and thus started naming mine. Previous names included Betty the Buick, Sally the Sentra and now I drive Vera the Vue. My brothers named their’s too. If I remember correctly there was a Big Haas (Catalina) and Blacky (black truck) among them. It did make me start looking at my car differently.

Then when I started learning about and practicing Feng Shui, Carole Hyder really brought it home to me (yes, pun intended!) that naming your house is a great way to establish more of a connection. This wasn’t exactly new to me – I’ve heard of this, but for some reason hadn’t implemented it. Probably the biggest proponents that do this well are people with resort/vacation properties. It serves to distinguish “where” you are staying (Mermaid Haven versus 123 Beach Road).

With my first house I named it what I hoped it would be (something about health). To tell the truth, it never really “fit” and I didn’t use it that much. But I marked it off that I had named it. Then a couple years ago I read another book – Conversations with Your Home: Guidance and Inspiration beyond Feng Shui , that Carole had penned. This really opened my eyes to taking your relationship with your home to a new level. I hadn’t named my new house yet (the one I currently live in with my hubby and son), so it seemed a perfect opportunity.

This time I approached it differently. I wanted the house to tell me (or help determine) it’s name. I definitely think I was affected by a story in the book, but how it went it down was this: one night before I went to bed, I simply asked my house to let me know if they had a preferred name. I woke up in the middle of the night (3 a.m.ish) and heard “Margo, Margo, Margo!” I wasn’t quite sure what was happening, but then it occurred to me the house was “telling” me her name.

Later that morning I headed for the internet. I looked up popular names from the 40’s and 50’s (this house was built in 1948) and Margo was among them. It seemed right and continues to “fit” the house. Since then I often refer to “Margo” when talking about her (my house). It definitely is a more personal connection.

I encourage you, if you haven’t done so, to name your house. I recommend Carole’s book to get you on an even deeper relationship (whether you are in love – or not in love) with your house. I bet you’ll come away with a whole new appreciation for it.

Now, go forth and name! And let me know how it worked out. Or let us all know if you already have. I’d love to hear what the name is and how it came to be.

P.S. For any of you local peeps, I’m attending an event at Normandale that explores this in a little more depth. If interested, find info here: From House to Home. If you go, please find me to say “hello.” I’ll be soaking up info, just like you.