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A funny thing happened to me one day. Okay, maybe it wasn’t that funny. Anyway, we had the cable – in this instance – gal – come over to check since we were having some issues. She was looking at the TV, then wanted to see the modem and incoming lines. I took her to my office for access. She looked at what I had constructed and said, “This is very cool. So many people ask me what do with their cords and I don’t know what to tell them. Can I tell them this idea?” Of course she could! And you can do this too…if you want 🙂

All you do is take a hat box and cut a tab in the top for the cords to go through. Like so:

Then put all your cords in there…

…and top it with a little “happiness!”

Another option, or if you have other pesky cords, a basket with a top and handles on each side works too. I have one by my desk to keep my computer, speakers and printer cords contained.

This helps so a certain munchkin doesn’t get tangled up while he is sorting my recycling.

What tricks do you have for keeping your cords contained? Drop me a comment to share your ideas! I would love to hear them.

Also, can you believe it’s Thanksgiving already? Have a great holiday!