Center of Attention

A quick post today since I’ve been MIA. There are a few changes around here to catch you up on – pillows, rugs, bathrooms! Until then, here are a few centerpieces that have made their way on our table lately.

Memorial Day


We had a little BBQ so of course I had to add something symbolic of the day. I bought 2 sets of mini milk bottles in chicken wire crates from Decor Steals when they were featured. I added 2 flags to each bottle (from my 4th of July stash) and a vase with some flowers in between. Then put those on a tray to pull it together and make it more easily moveable.

And because of a recent purchase at Target, something for the summer.


The lantern was on super discount and I had the candles and place mat. The gorgeous Peony is from a neighbor. I guess we have some (which I LOVE) but didn’t know it because our bushes haven’t bloomed since we’ve moved in. Yes, I’m investigating that.

What have you done lately to perk up your inspiration?