Presto Chango

Thought I would start with a little “before and after” this morning. It started with a table. Great legs and the right price. But, let me back up. The reason I was even looking was because I was kind of over my huge slate end table. It made the couch off center. At the last house it fit better. But the wall the couch is on at this house didn’t work as well. What to do, what to do?

I’m on a track of not buying “new” furniture. It’s because there are so many inspiring blogs out there! I thought I should try my hand at something. And wouldn’t you know on a random Tuesday I was driving home and there was some furniture out in someone’s yard. So, I bought a table. For $5. This table to be exact:

And changed it into this:

It’s just the right size and now I can fit a better size table on the OTHER side of the couch. It’s spray painted oil rubbed bronze. A color adored by a hugely popular blogger – Sherry Petersik of Young House Love. She gave me the idea.

Anyway, LOVE it. I think it turned out great. Thoughts?

Next week: how I prepared the table the Feng Shui way.


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