Decor on the Road

Today’s post is a decor tip for those of you who are in the process (either right now – or if like me constantly!) decorating your space. You can read decorating book after decorating book that suggests you take something with you. I agree. I’ll take it further and tell you I always have something with me (not just pre-and-mid-project).

Here are the decor related items that are permanently kept in my purse: measuring tape (cute of course!) and fun pouch (once had a gift in it, now reused as a nice holder for house decor info).


In the pouch are the things you might expect – paint chips, wallpaper and fabric for various items (pillows, dining chairs). But the piece de resistance within is a folded 8.5 x 11 paper with a treasure trove of information – dimensions of walls, rooms, windows and other pertinent info. Labeled “house info for decor purposes,” it goes with me everywhere.


Theoretically, if I drove by a garage sale and saw the “perfect” cabinet, I wouldn’t have to go home and check, I could pull out the tape, measure it and decide if it “fit” my vision by checking the dimensions against the potential space.

On this paper I have measurements of:

  • Windows from almost every room
  • Walls for future artwork or that I may want to put a table/cabinet someday
  • Dining room table for tablecloths (now I know the size, but it was helpful at first)
  • Buffet (for runners)
  • Hallways (for someday rugs)
  • Other misc. (like wall bump-outs for possible shelving)

This is also where I keep some of my ideas for future projects and some measurements for other people’s stuff (like a dining room table of a relative so in case I come across a tablecloth I can check sizing).

I can tell you this has helped me quite a bit when I’m out looking for something else and come across an unrelated find that seems perfect for a space. I don’t have to wonder, I just pull out my paper and check. In one case it save me from buying a cabinet that was too big for where I wanted. And in one case it helped me pick the right size fabric that happened to be on sale.

How about you. Do you carry decor info with you? Thinking about trying it?