Thankful for Flowers and Inspiration

Well the holidays came and went and so I thought I should do some catching up with centerpieces. This year for both Thanksgiving and Christmas I found inspiration online and then did my own take. We’ll start with the Thanksgiving centerpiece.

Inspiration photo from Martha Stewart:

fall centerpiece from Martha

I ended up creating something similar:

full photo fallI just started with some basics: silver/mirror-ish tray, votive candle holders, vases and ribbon.

supplies for fall centerpieceI wrapped the ribbon and hot glued it, then put it on the candle holders. My theory here is the the ribbon could be removed/saved and the votives could be used in the meantime. I ended up burning my fingers (ouch!), so am not sure I’d do that again. I might just hot glue to the vase knowing it could be scraped off.

candles-1I then bought three bunches of flowers and arranged them in the vases.


I made two of these and gave one to a friend who was hosting Thanksgiving and then brought one to our hosts, my in-laws.

full photo fallI was pleased with how they turned out. I think the ribbon added the touch is needed since the tray I used didn’t have the contrast the inspiration photo did.

I think this could be easily adapted to any time of year, just change out the flowers and ribbon. Or maybe even forgo the ribbon.

Next up: Christmas centerpiece.


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