Honoring Margo

I’ve written before that our house has a name. It happens to be Margo. It’s a nice way to connect with it. As a Feng Shui practitioner I believe all things are energy; houses included. You don’t have to practice Feng Shui to believe that of course! I am sure that would resonate with healing touch practitioners and others out there.

When we bought this house the former owner passed along some “historical” documents – like the original blueprints (!) and photos through the years. The blueprints were very helpful in determining the bagua layout. The photos spanned years – a few were taken as it was being built (1948) and some were later.

I decided it would be fun to add those to our decor. So I scanned, printed and hung them in our hallway.


I selected two of her being built and one from the 80’s because the car clearly indicated the time period.


We were lucky that the previous owners had saved them and passed them along to one another. We’ll have a few to share ourselves when the time comes.

They photos have been fun for people to see. There’s just something about seeing the “birth” of te house and then that Chevette!

Here are a few others:

Margo built 2 Margo built 1 Margo 1985 & 88 Margo 1980

There’s just something fun about seeing the history of the house. What about you? Do you have any historical photos of your house? Are they on display?


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