It’s a Floater…the Good Kind

Even though Christmas is long gone, I was remembering that I was going to post our centerpiece for you all. It was very simple and easy. Which was good because I was busy doing some other things that day! And it did surprise me how guests were very intrigued. So it had that going for it.

I wanted to use what I had and limit the color palette. I’m kind of over red and green. First, I took a few things: trifle bowl (missing from this next pic), floating candles, juice glasses, green shiny filler, snowflake crystals and little green trees.

I started with the trifle bowl and added the shiny filler and weighted it down with the snowflake crystals and little green trees. I put water in it and topped with the candles. I also added a ribbon tied to the bottom.

By the way, I am Type A so I did do a “test” with shiny filler in water for a day to see if the green would rub off or color the water. You might have already known that it would not, but I didn’t.

You can see above that I ended up adding more candles. The trifle bowl alone seemed lonely. And when I put out candles in votive holders, they didn’t have the visual “weight” that I wanted. So I took some plain juice glasses, wrapped them with the same ribbon – secured with tape. (Note: The tape did NOT hold all night. I fixed it a few times, then let it go. It was wired ribbon so it still was mostly around the glass. I had thought about wrapping another ribbon around it and tying it, but didn’t get to it. I think that would work or a dab of glue would probably hold.)

I added water to those and put a candle in each one. Then I set it in the “middle” of the table (we had a card table to seat a few extras).

I liked that it added some ambiance to the table but didn’t take up much room. I always do centerpieces that are below the line of sight so they don’t interfere. It was nice that it was also fairly “bump” safe – if someone knocked the table there was no fear of toppling over or starting a fire.

Here she is all aglow.

She looked even better later when it was a bit dark out and the candles really sparkled on the water. I could see variations of this for any dinner party really – just match the filler to your accent color. You could use silver or gold for New Year’s, or I was also thinking it might look cool with “Happy Birthday” confetti for that occasion. Very versatile she is!

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