Quick Centerpiece

Just a quick post to remind you to use what you have for a quick centerpiece. We had a small informal dinner at the house recently and I wanted a quick, easy centerpiece (without running to the store for flowers). I had these ceramic leaf dishes that I thought would work well.

Then I got out some votive holders. (These have multiple uses, so go head and get your mulit-pack of 12. You won’t be sorry.)

But when I put them together they were missing “something.” Like a uniting piece. So, I found a rectangular platter that would fit all four of them.

That was definitely the ticket! So I took all of these

And created this

Ta-da! Nothing too complicated for sure, but they did do the trick of adding a small element to the table that ended up being packed with food, too. Plus they didn’t interrupt the line of sight AND they looked great after the dishes were cleared.

As it’s been said before by many a decorator – shop your house! And if you don’t have things to choose from, give yourself some permission to buy some pretty things. I’m not talking hoarding or anything (that would be very un-Feng Shui of me), just so you have some choices when the time comes.

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