Tweet, tweet

Yes, my new office “upgrade” was eloquently described by my 19-month old son. As soon as he saw it, he patted the wall, pointed, smiled and said, “tweet, tweet!” It was, after all, on “his” wall.

Let’s back up, shall we? Mmmm-k. In my office there is an adorable table and benches (over 70 years old mind you that my grandfather made for my Mom) of which coloring supplies are currently topping. He sits there occasionally. Usually taking the crayons out of the box and putting them back in. Sometimes this involves stabbing the crayon on the paper as well.

Anyway, that wall is b-l-a-n-k. Nothing. Nada. Except when there is a cutie coloring.

It definitely needed something. Especially since that is the Creativity and Children wall of my office (as you are standing at the door: middle section, right side). Yes…that is partly why the coloring table was placed there, besides really fitting the layout well. It is Evan’s place in my office (hence the connection to Children). But I needed something to support my creativity there too. A bold graphic was on the list.

I happened to find decals on sale. I used one set for my kitchen. And this set I decided would be great to add to my revamped office.

I liked the activity of the birds and the silhouette of it. I was surprised how many pieces this decal came in. There were three main pieces and then several additions to branches and all the birds were separate. Luckily they had it coded to help.

I started with taping it up on the wall. I placed it off-center to give it more drama.

Then just put it up piece by piece, starting with the main trunk and main branches. I should have taken some during photos, but I forgot. Whoopsie. Here is the final.

And now the view from my desk is much more inspiring.

Especially when someone is excitedly pointing out “birdies!” and “tweet, tweet” tweeting!

Have you done any office upgrades lately to spark your creativity? Do tell!

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