Autumn Decor

I realize I’ve been MIA for a bit. Things have gotten a bit hectic around these parts. Sorry for the vanishing act. I thought I better get these pics up before the season was over. I did a little autumn decor right before Halloween. So you will see a few of those theme-y items around (like a couple of tea light candle holders). Those are down now.

First up, entry console.

Then on to the top of the armoire that hides our TV.

Fireplace mantle and hearth…

A simple centerpiece (and movable of course since we use our table every day).

And even a small touch in the bathroom.

All my fall and Halloween decor are in a plastic bin in the basement. As per usual, I downsized some of it because I realized I had outgrown it/wasn’t my style anymore. There are some debatable items here, but I couldn’t seem to part with them this year (so I didn’t). I highly recommend doing this every time you pull out seasonal decor. I do this every Christmas as well.

That is one area that Feng Shui serves me well and impacts me often: knowing not to keep things that are clutter, releasing items that no longer “fit” and that you don’t love anymore. It creates room for receiving. If that isn’t some incentive, I don’t know what is! Hope you are enjoying the fall season.

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