I See the Light

We finally did it. We replaced our “antique” chandelier. This very unique piece has been on my radar for change since we moved in this house.

Don’t get me wrong, this light was interesting and almost always elicited comments. It received its fair share of compliments – that is for sure. And most comments and compliments were often followed by a “gasp” when I let them know that it was going to be changed.

But when asked, no one wanted it in their home (yes, I inquired!). They just thought it “fit” here. Which surprised me. I can see it might have fit with the house’s year, but I didn’t think it “fit” with our décor and flow.

It also caused problems when we had parties. It was low and couldn’t be raised. So the table always had to stay in the same place because otherwise people would hit their head on it – and it’s heavy so it hurt!

(Tip: If you have a single-chain chandelier you can use a carabiner to clip several links together and raise it.)

Interestingly, I found myself stuck about what to do. It was a conversation starter, something interesting that held the history of the house, but it wasn’t “us.” At times like these I focus on Feng Shui: Did I love it? No. Then it was done-zo; it had to go.

I searched for a while and finally settled on something that was simple and basic. I found this pendant at Land of Nod. We were lucky enough to have a friend hang it for us. He hung it high enough so that someone over 6 feet (like my husband) could walk under it without hitting it.

I LOVE it. As soon as it was up, the entire feel of the room changed. Plus I am finding that I like the filtered light a lot more. The other light was too bright, but this shade tempers it just enough. Also now when we have parties I can push the table back to the window so that there is more room for people to mingle in front.

This is a reminder that your space has to reflect YOU. I am always talking to people during Feng Shui appointments about not keeping something because it is an heirloom or was gotten on sale or (insert other excuse). And I had to face the fact that I was doing the same thing here. I was keeping it because other people liked it and thought it was interesting. Because it was probably original to the house. Because I felt I should.

And like I tell those clients, these are the items to release. If it’s an heirloom, find another family member that wants it. For most other items, sell or donate. Give it a new life with someone that really appreciates it.

Now I am taking my own advice. Because I know someone will really dig that interesting, antique chandelier.

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