Cue the Wealth

When we first moved in, it seemed there was too much to do. One of the first priorities was replacing the appliances in the kitchen. The fridge froze our lettuce! Lettuce reflect on that, shall we?

After buying those, moving the stove and changing out the curtains (the frillys weren’t my style), I was donezo for a while. But the wallpaper kept taunting me. It was only on a couple of walls – and they weren’t even that big. But after taking down the wallpaper in the nursery (thanks to my sis Amy!), I really didn’t feel like tackling it.

When I finally got the gumption to do it, I lost motivation quick and it sat wallpaperless for more than a month. Then when I tackled painting it the first time, I realized the color wasn’t right. Plus it was humid that day and the paint bubbled. It sat one-shabby-coat painted for months.

But sometimes you get lucky. And you have a good friend who helps you like it’s her job. So a very kind soul, let’s call her Cheryl, ’cause that’s her name, came over and helped me complete this too-many-months of a job. And it looks terrific. We even painted the weird back splash.

Don’t get me wrong, there’s more to do in there. Like a shelf above the stove and maybe some artwork for a very plain wall. And someday a total redo. That’s not a “someday” soon, mind you. But right now, it makes me happy. What a difference it makes!

Plus, I got bonus points from a Feng Shui perspective. It’s in the wealth area of my house and since that project has been completed, I’ve seen a couple really cool things happen. One was calling to order a replacement piece of my espresso machine and they replaced the whole thing instead! (I’ll donate the other one.)

What about you? Any projects going on that are taking much longer than you anticipated? How do you keep motivated?