Dishing It Out

You might not believe this, but…we’ve been living without a dishwasher for the entire time we’ve lived in Margo.

That’s right, this 1948 house was full fledged hand washing. With the addition of my little Mr. Guy and me at home more, doing dishes multiple times a day got to be a little much. And having people over for dinner, well let’s just say who really wants to volunteer to help clean when they know they might break a sweat?!

Anyway, what might be even more interesting (or not?) is that I haven’t really used a dishwasher since I left my Mom’s house after high school. I feel old saying that! Although my first few apartments did have them – I didn’t use them much (with one person it was so easy to clean as you go). But I haven’t had one in about 10 years – since grad school and moving to Minnesota. I had an older apartment in grad school and then moved into a duplex with lots of character when I first moved here to Minneapolis. When I bought my first house – it was built in the 1950’s and had the original kitchen (no dishwasher). Then we moved in to this wonderful place…with the original kitchen.

Luckily our cabinets were very easy to retrofit. All we had to do was relocate some dishes – the cabinet size was just about perfect.

Cue angels singing; the new dishwasher installed!

It’s a fabulous dishwasher. Very quiet and all sorts of other advantages, which I don’t really remember. My hubby was the one who did all the research. I just wanted it to clean dishes, so it worked for me! We got the stainless steel to go with the other appliances. Now someday when we do more of a reno in there, the appliances will be one thing we don’t have to worry about.

I don’t know if this is going to seem overly dramatic – but it has changed my life! True story. I can’t tell you how nice it is to only have to hand wash a couple things after meals. AND now we are down to one dish drainer so another benefit was opening up more counter space.

I would say that now I AM more inspired to do dishes.